Living a Mighty Faith


Living a Mighty Faith: A Simple Heart and a Powerful Faith is a 365-day devotional by Angus Buchan, a speaker, potato farmer, and author of Faith Like Potatoes. Some of my favorite devotionals from the book were Fight Your Fear, Two Are Better Than One, and The Parable of the Lost Son. Each of the page-long devotions is brief enough to read and reflect on within a few minutes, but long enough to contain rich substance. Each devotion is also based on a particular verse and contains a heartfelt prayer.

Through the passages, Buchan dispenses advice, such as in his devotion based on Proverbs 10:12, when he says, “If you’re having a problem with your spouse, with your children, or with your parents, dig that hole, bury that offense, and walk away. Love unconditionally. The time we have on earth is too short to carry grudges.”

I think that reading this book would be an enjoyable way to start or end the day. The book contains a nice variety of topics, such as confronting hardship, having humility, and investing in heavenly things.  I like how the book contains some blank lined pages at the end for note-keeping, and I’m glad that each devotion is labeled with a particular day (such as “November 3”).

You can find Living a Mighty Faith here.

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