Little One, God Made You Special


Little One, God Made You Special is a board book written by Amy Warren Hilliker and illustrated by Polona Lovsin. The book is 7.5 x 0.3 x 6.6 inches and contains ten pages. Each page is illustrated, and each illustration shows a baby animal with its mother. The drawings depict the animals bonding with their mothers, as their mothers remind them how unique and special they are. The drawings have an appealing “warm and fuzzy” feel to them. My favorite drawing is of the mother goose and baby goose.

Each page contains about one verse of dialogue. For example, the third page says, “No one has your tiny nose,” and the fourth page says, “or wiggly, squiggly toes.” Because the dialogue is very brief, this would be an easy story to get through (and enjoy) at your child’s bedtime, especially if you are reading a few books back to back.

The book sends a very positive message, reminding children that they are special and loved. This book could be used as a way to introduce a children’s devotion on God’s love for us, and how He made each of us unique and special. The book celebrates our differences.

You can find Little One, God Made You Special here.

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