The Basque Book


The Basque Book: A Love Letter in Recipes from the Kitchen of Txikito by Alex Raij with Eder Montero and Rebecca Flint Marx is a cookbook focusing on Basque food, primarily written by chefs Raij and Montero from the New York City restaurant Txikito. In addition to giving detailed recipe directions, the book also provides background information about the particular dishes. The recipes and text are complemented by high-quality color photos of the food. Some of the dishes that I found most interesting to read about were the Basque cake, the open-faced fried quail egg and chorizo sandwich, Lourdes’s deviled eggs with tuna and foie, and the sweet soft scrambled eggs with flowering garlic chives and shrimp. I was wanting to learn more about Spanish food, so this was a nice cookbook to read.

You can find The Basque Book here.

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