Cook Korean! A Comic Book with Recipes


Cook Korean! A Comic Book with Recipes by Robin Ha is a cool concept for a book, incorporating both comics and recipes. It’s essentially a graphic novel that teaches you how to cook various Korean dishes. The drawings are extremely cute, and the book is fun to look at. I’m sure it will make readers excited about cooking!

The book is sectioned into ten chapters, giving the reader a nice variety of meal options: Kimchi and Pickles, Vegetables and Side Dishes, Meat and Poultry, Seafood, Soups and Stews, Porridges, Noodles and Rice Cakes, Snacks and Street Food, Cocktails and Anju, and Korean Fusion. Some of my favorite recipes to read included Soy Spinach, Sweet Pumpkin Porridge, and Rice Cake Soup. Ha put a lot of detail into both her drawings and cooking directions. It’s a really neat book!

You can find Cook Korean! here.


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