The Rewired Brain


The ReWired Brain: Free Yourself of Negative Behaviors and Release Your Best Self by Dr. Ski Chilton, with Dr. Margaret Rukstalis and A. J. Gregory, focuses on eliminating negative behaviors and replacing them with positive ones. (It reminds me a bit of Brain Lock, if Brain Lock were written by Christians.) I like how the authors not only explore why our brains act like they do, but they also emphasize that human beings have a lot of control over their thoughts and behaviors.

One chapter that particularly interested me was “Facing the Great Challenge – Parenting,” which discusses topics such as unconditional love, conditional acceptance, and merging unconditional love and conditional acceptance. If you’re interested in psychology, child development, or rewiring your own brain patterns as an adult, it is a valuable book to check out.

You can find The Rewired Brain here.


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