The Making of a CEO


The Making of a CEO: Helping You Deal with the Issues of Running Your Company is a stellar business book written by Oswald R. Viva. The author discusses the formation and enhancement of personal traits that are useful for being a CEO, as well as the functional development toward becoming a successful CEO. Two of the most interesting parts of the book are “Sale of the Business,” which provides insight into making the decision whether or not to sell your company, and “Leadership Alignment,” which includes a 20-question quiz to score how you’re doing as a CEO.

What stands out about this book is the wealth of information that it contains. When reading most books about business, it often seems as if the author only has a few key points to make per chapter – and then fills in the rest of the chapter with anecdotal stories or content that reiterates what has already been said. However, Viva keeps delivering solid content throughout the entire book, packing each page with useful information and advice. In fact, The Making of a CEO is the best business book that has been reviewed by Oak Tree Reviews thus far.

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