The Prayer Saturated Family


The Prayer Saturated Family: How to Change the Atmosphere in Your Home through Prayer by Cheryl Sacks is a book that talks about integrating prayer into your home and nurturing a healthy prayer life. Sacks explores how prayer can unite a family and change their spiritual climate. The author not only discusses what happens when families pray, but how families can take time to develop a powerful prayer life, beginning a lifetime of family prayer.

Some of the most interesting sections in the book examine potential roadblocks to prayer, as well as how individuals’ prayer styles differ. Throughout the book, Sacks shares the stories of different families and how prayer changed their lives; the personal stories give the book a feeling of warmth.

Perhaps the best chapter in the book is “Praying in All the Seasons of Life: It Is Never Too Early or Too Late,” which talks about how to make prayer an essential part of your life no matter what life stage you are in. At the end of the book, Sacks also includes a 31-Day Family Prayer Guide, which features devotions such as “Dedicating Your Home to the Lord” and “Taking Time to Listen to God.”

If someone feels like their prayer life is suffering, this book may be very helpful. The book may also be of interest to pastors or Bible study leaders who are wanting to teach an in-depth lesson or study series discussing prayer. Sacks shows the importance of having a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

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