Strengths Based Marriage


Strengths Based Marriage: Build a Stronger Relationship by Understanding Each Other’s Gifts by Jimmy Evans and Allan Kelsey is a book that combines marriage advice with personality testing. The ideal demographic for this book would be fans of Evans and Kelsey who put value in personality tests – and also don’t mind paying a good deal of money for these tests.

Currently, the cheapest way to purchase the book on Amazon is by buying the paperback version for $9.89. But if you want to take Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment – the test that this book revolves around – you must pay $89 to “reveal your full list of 34 strenghts,” or $74 to “reveal strengths 6 – 34 of your complete profile,” or $15 to “discover your top 5 strengths.”

The strengths include attributes such as Connectedness, Harmony, Self-Assurance, Command, Belief, Individualization, Responsibility, Empathy, Focus, Input, Intellection, Adaptability, and Ideation. Unfortunately, if a customer buys the book but not the test, it will most likely be frustrating to read about these specific strengths without knowing how they themselves rank on the test.

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