The QB


The Super Bowl is over, but football fans can still check out this exciting book, The QB: The Making of Modern Day Quarterbacks by Bruce Feldman.

Even people who aren’t big fans of football are pretty familiar with quarterbacks; most people could have never seen a game in their life, but still spout out a list of several famous quarterbacks. In sum, quarterbacks get a lot of media attention. But what “makes” a quarterback? How are they chosen, and how are they coached? This book explores these issues, and it does so in an entertaining manner.

In The QB, readers get an inside view of what coaches are looking for as they recruit quarterbacks. Feldman includes interesting anecdotes about famous and semi-famous quarterbacks; this makes the book interesting, since we are reading about real people and their personal stories. Since I am not that familiar with the football world, I learned about a lot of key quarterbacks in football history, and after reading this, I felt like I was more acquainted with football in general.

The QB is not just a book for football fans or sports enthusiasts; it is worthwhile for anyone who would like to learn more about quarterbacks.

I received a copy from Blogging for Books. You can find The QB here on Amazon.


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