KJV Word Study Bible


Thomas Nelson’s King James Version Word Study Bible is a 1650-page KJV Bible covered in imitation leather. Interspersed through the book are 1,700 paragraph sections that study specific words from the Biblical text, such as “prince,” “dream,” “posterity,” and “vision.” Personally, I would probably prefer other supplemental materials instead of up-close looks at these 1,700 words. Though I enjoy linguistics, I feel like I only learn a small amount of new information from each paragraph focusing on a word.

The current price of the Bible on Amazon is $59.99. Though I would not go out and buy this Bible for that price, now that I was given it for review, I am very happy to have it. I am sure I will use it to study the Bible at church and at home. The cover is nice-looking, and would be appropriate for men or women. The book includes a very thin, built-in ribbon bookmark. This was actually the one flaw of my book, because the free end of the ribbon bookmark was stuck to one of the pages, and when I pulled it off, some tiny paper fragments were still glued to it. However, this is an extremely minor thing!

I would recommend getting this Bible if you usually buy Bibles in this price range, if you enjoy the “word study” theme, and if you are specifically looking for a KJV Bible. Though it is not something I would purchase, I do feel very blessed to have it!

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