The ICB Holy Bible with Devotions from Jesus Calling


The ICB Holy Bible with Devotions from Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling is an International Children’s Bible with supplemental material from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. When choosing whether or not to buy this Bible, I believe that the most important factor to take into consideration is whether you think the ICB translation matches your child’s reading comprehension. The entire ICB translation is available online at BibleGateway, so I definitely recommend checking that out. To get a quick idea of the ICB translation, Psalm 102: 1-2 says, “Lord, listen to my prayer. Let my cry for help come to you. Do not hide from me in my time of trouble. Pay attention to me. When I cry for help, answer me quickly.”

The cover looks calm and peaceful, and it’s fun to look at. The supplemental pages are colorful and mostly discuss Biblical figures. Young also includes relevant verses in her supplemental pages; for example, on the page discussing Paul and Timothy, she includes the verse 1 Timothy 4:12 (and then reiterates in her own words how young people can do great things).

The font has serifs. The main text is a bluish color, and sections headings are printed in orange. The Bible comes with a thin, built-in blue ribbon bookmark to mark your page.

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