God Gave Us Family


God Gave Us Family is a touching children’s book by Lisa Tawn Bergren that shows how families come in all different sizes and forms, but that each family is loving and special in its own way. Bergren sends the message that no one kind of family is better than any other, and her words are positive and affirming for young children.

The protagonist of the book is a wolf, Little Pup, who is an only child, and the book would especially be suited for an only child who is questioning why they do not have any siblings. For a youngster who has mixed feelings about being an only child, the book demonstrates that their family is perfect the way it is. However, if an only child is already fine with the way things are in his family, this might not be the best book for him, since the book begins with Little Pup saying things like, “Wally’s family has eight kids! And we only get one?” and “We could ‘dopt a baby.”

Hohn’s illustrations are delicate and detailed, with a lot of action happening on each page. I imagine that children will love looking at the pictures! My favorite illustration is the one where the grandparent wolves tell old stories to their grandchildren.

The only concept I would add to this lovely book is that a couple without children is also considered a family. One of the lines in the book says, “But we thank God for you. Your arrival made us a family.” However, some couples never have children, but God has still made them a family.

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