Willing to Believe


Willing to Believe: Understanding the Role of the Human Will in Salvation by R. C. Sproul discusses the debate between free will and determinism as the author explores our sin and our salvation. The book is definitely an educational one; we learn about the views of Pelagius (and the Semi-Pelagians), Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, James Arminius, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Grandison Finney, amd Lewis Sperry Chafer. Because we learn about these various historical figures throughout the text, the book is not only a theological work, but it also serves as a history book (and one that can be thankfully finished in 206 pages!). The chapter that I found to be most interesting was the one that focused on James Arminius, though I also really enjoyed reading about dispensationalism in the chapter about Lewis Sperry Chafer.

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