God Bless Our Bedtime Prayers


God Bless Our Bedtime Prayers is an endearing children’s book by Hannah C. Hall. It is a beautiful book; the words are comforting, and the drawings have a gentle look. The book features so many cute animals: cats, foxes, apes, wolves, rabbits, bears, deer, and even skunks! The pictures emphasize the loving bond between parent and child. The words and even color tones have a soothing feel that can help prepare a child for bed. God Bless Our Bedtime Prayers is a board book. It is 8 x 8 inches and 20 pages long.

One of my favorite pages shows a mother and baby giraffe praying together, and starts with the words, “Dear God, the day has said good-bye. The moon glows big and bright. As bedtime nears, You’re with me here. God bless our prayers tonight.” The page then finishes with a Bible reference: The Lord our God comes near when we pray to him. -Deuteronomy 4:7.” Another favorite page of mine shows a skunk and porcupine learning the importance of sharing.



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