Dinner for Dinos


Dinner for Dinos is a darling children’s book published by Tommy Nelson about a group of dinosaurs who gather for a picnic dinner. It is a good book for kids who are resistant towards eating healthy food, because it emphasizes the importance of eating well, and reminds kids that eating healthy food makes them big and strong. The book shows kids that eating vegetables can be enjoyable, and that eating with others can be a fun time of fellowship.

Dinner for Dinos is a board book that consists of twenty pages. It incorporates a nice rhyme scheme, and for each set of four verses, the second and fourth lines rhyme. My favorite pages were the two that showed the dinosaurs happily making their dinner. These pages say: “Once back at home, they made the meal. They flipped. They stirred. They poured. And as they cooked, they sang and danced / And harmoniously roared!” What makes these two pages especially adorable is that each dinosaur has their own job as they prepare the meal – such as stirring, or grilling, or bringing the plates – and each dinosaur prepares their meal happily and enthusiastically. Dinner for Dinos is a cute book.

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