The Adventure Bible


The Adventure Bible: Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations is a fun book by Sherry Kyle that features 60 craft and game-oriented activities for kids. From identifying leaves, to making an obstacle coarse, to making a cross with sticks and twine, the book offers a nice selection of activities. A great thing about the book is that each activity ends with a relevant Scripture verse. The book is aesthetically appealing, and every activity has a drawing that shows what the craft or game visually looks like.

Some of my favorite activities talked about how to use a compass, how to make a marble maze, and how to make a paper plate aquarium. Because the level of danger varies for each activity, all of the activities should be screened by a parent before pursuing them. Some of the activities, such as the balloon rocket and balloon tennis, incorporate balloons, which should be kept away from very young children, who can choke on balloons if they put them in their mouths. Many of these activities are appropriate for middle schoolers, as long as a parent oversees the activities.

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