God Bless You and Goodnight


God Bless You and Good Night is a children’s book written by Hannah C. Hall and illustrated by Steve Whitlow that shows how various animals get ready for bed. With delicate pictures and gentle words, the book has a serene atmosphere to it.

The book is a board book with twenty thick pages. Each page is fully illustrated and includes four verses of poetic text. My favorite set of pages shows the mama kangaroo ready to read a bedtime story to her little one. God Bless You and Goodnight is a “touch and feel book.” Each page has a spot that you can literally touch and feel. Some of the animals, such as the raccoons and polar bears, are soft to touch, and other animals, like the porcupine, have a roughness to them.

The animals in the book prepare for bed in the way that humans might; they do things such as eat a snack, take a bath, and change into their pajamas. For children who may feel apprehensive about going to bed, the book has a calming tone to it. Children can see that the animals are happy to go to bed and get some rest. The book also shows the strong and loving bond between mothers and their children.

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