Jesus Calling


Jesus Calling: The Story of Christmas is a children’s book by Sarah Young that explores the Christmas story, starting with stories about creation, Abraham, and Isaiah, and then jumping into the story of Jesus’ birth. The book has 32 pages full of illustrations and text, and is best suited for 4 to 8-year-olds. With Christmastime getting closer, this book is a great way to share the Christmas story with your kids.

The stories are written in a way that children can clearly understand, and each story covers key facts that will help children remember Jesus’ story. The book incorporates a few different kind of fonts, which look aesthetically appealing against the backdrop of the illustrations. The illustrations are colorfully drawn, and I especially like the earthy red tones shown in some of the drawings. One of my favorite sets of pages shows Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus journeying to Egypt against the backdrop of a beautiful dark sky. Another favorite set of pages shows little children gathered around the now-grown Jesus. The pages remind children that God loves them so much, and that his glorious Gift of Christmas is for all of us.


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