Young & Beardless


Young & Beardless: The Search for God, Purpose, and a Meaningful Life by John Luke Robertson (with Travis Thrasher) is a book that focuses on growing up and embracing God’s calling. John Luke draws upon his own life experiences as he talks about dreaming, connecting with others, failing, and taking risks. One of my favorite chapters of the book discussed the importance of maintaining a sense of curiosity in life. I have read two other books written by members of the Robertson family (Korie Robertson’s Strong and Kind and Jep and Jessica Robertson’s The Good, The Bad, and the Grace of God), so it was interesting to learn more about John Luke.

Young & Beardless is probably best suited for teenagers, though I believe it is important that teen readers remember that there are many ways to be mature and successful, and that even though John Luke may be a role model, their own lives may look very different from his. You don’t have to marry young, be on a television show, or have your own business to be mature or successful, and people find maturity and success in many different ways. That said, I think that John Luke is a great example to young people, and that teens will enjoy reading this encouraging book.

You can find Young & Beardless here.

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